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Quantock Vale Surgery

Quantock Vale Surgery

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The Committee of Quantock Vale Surgery's Patient Participation Group meets approximately once every eight weeks. The Minutes from those meetings for 2016/2017 will be posted here. If you have any queries arising from the Minutes, please do not hesitate to contact our Practice Manager, Jo Stocker on 01823 432361 who will be happy to help in the first instance and, if appropriate, can refer you to a member of the Committee.


  •   9th May 2016
  • 11th July 2016
  • 12th September 2016
  • 14th November 2016
  •   9th January 2017


The "Terms of Reference" of Quantock Vale Surgery's Patient Participation Group are that the Patient Participation Group will:


1.           Contribute to practice decision-making and will be consulted on service development and  provision;


2.           Provide feedback on patients’ needs, concerns and interests and challenge the practice constructively whenever necessary;


3.           Serve as a ‘safety valve’ for dealing with grumbles and complaints about the practice representing patients but also helping them to understand the practice’s viewpoint;


4.           Assist the practice and its patients by arranging voluntary groups/support within 

the community;


5.           Liaise with other PPGs in the area; and


6.         Give feedback to NHS trusts on consultations.


These "Terms of Reference" were agreed by the members of the Committee of the Patient Participation Group on 21/03/16.




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