The Surgery Dispensary is now accepting patients from Bishops Lydeard and Lethbridge park.

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The practice is pleased to announce that we are now able to dispense medication to Quantock vale surgery patients who live within Bishops Lydeard and Lethbridge park. The dispensary continues to serve patients whom live in Cotford St Luke, Lydeard St Lawrence, Kingston St Mary, Crowcombe, Ash priors, West Bagborough and Halse.

The rules still stipulate that the dispensary is unable to serve our patients who live within 1 mile of any pharmacy. In essence, this will mean that any of our patients living within 1 mile of the Staplegrove pharmacy are unable to use the dispensary. This will affect the majority of patients whom live in Norton Fitzwarren. The dispensary cannot accept prescriptions generated from external sources (e.g. Hospital) and we cannot accept prescriptions from patients who are not registered at our surgery. Please inform the reception staff if you would like you to reinstate your wish to have your prescriptions to be processed by our dispensary. We thank all our patients whom have been patient during this difficult time.

Please note that as of the 22nd April 2024 the new opening times for the dispensary will be Monday to Friday 9am to 12pm and 2pm to 6pm.

To check whether you live further than 1 mile from a pharmacy please click here:

Find a pharmacy – NHS (