Help with Prescription Costs

Prescription Season Tickets

If you need several regular prescriptions but cannot get them free, you may save money by buying a ‘Season Ticket’. See leaflet FP95 for details (available at the practice reception, chemists, post offices, federated homes and from Somerset Health and Social Care).

The following patients are entitled to free prescriptions on the NHS:

• Men of 60 years of age and above

• Women of 60 years of age and above

• Patients under 16 years of age

• Patients under 19 and in full time education

• Patients on income support or family credit

• Women who are pregnant

• Women who have had a baby in the last 12 months

• Patients receiving Disability Working Allowance who also had capital of £8,000 or less when the allowance was awarded

Or if you suffer from the following conditions:

• Epilepsy requiring anti-convulsant therapy

• A continuing physical disability which prevents you from leaving home without the help of another person

• Diabetes

• Hypothyroidism (under-active thyroid gland)

• Hypoparathyroidism

• Diabetes insipidus

• Addison’s Disease

• Myaesthenia Gravi

• Cancer or the effects of cancer treatment

Free Prescriptions

If you claim free NHS prescriptions, you will be asked for proof of why you do not have to pay. If you do not show proof, you will still receive your medicines but the Department of Health will check on free claimants.

Unsure if you are entitled to free prescriptions? Pay for your prescription and ask for a receipt (Form FP57). If you are entitled to a free prescription you will be able to claim the fee back up to 3 months after paying. The FP57 explains how you can claim money back. Patients who wrongly claim prescriptions will face a penalty charge and, in some cases, prosecution.

For more information, ask at the surgery for booklet ‘HC11 Help with Health Costs’ or ring the Health Cost advice line on 0845 601 8076.